The top five HR & Payroll mistakes CFOs make when strategising for growth

As organisations increasingly turn to their people to fuel growth and efficiency, we’re seeing the emergence of significant new industry challenges and trends. Amongst these is the shift of HR and Payroll away from being a purely operational function, to providing business leaders with the ability to generate more accurate and timely business forecasting, drive and enable growth, and mitigate the risks of (expensive) noncompliance with current employment legislation.

The following are some of the most common challenges we hear from CFOs and executive leaders:

- Payroll is somewhat of a black box and is hard to use as an active component in risk mitigation and forecasting — How do I know my holiday pay is captured and recorded correctly when it is such a manual task?

- Cost of the HR teams seems to keep growing exponentially; how can we ensure we’re getting value from that investment?

- Accurate and real-time workforce insights from the HR / Payroll information would significantly aid in forecasting and risk mitigation. Change to these systems is seen as riskier than keeping with what you know… Or is it?

In this OnDemand recording Sven Martin (Chief Revenue Officer) and Chris Radley (HR/Payroll CTO) discuss the common business challenges and risks CFOs and Executives face when it comes to inadequate business forecasting, legacy payroll and lack of data insights. Demonstrating how in today’s market, sticking with the status quo is a very risky strategy.


Q & A Panelists

Sven Martin

Sven Martin, Chief Revenue Officer

With more than 15 years’ experience in delivering customer management solutions, Sven brings specialist knowledge, expertise and commitment to the team.

He is passionate about assisting organisations to improve efficiency, create exceptional customer experiences and streamline business processes through leveraging customer-centric concepts and technology.

Sven is recognised for his visionary, innovative and strategic approach to overcoming business challenges.

Chris Radley

Chris Radley, HR/Payroll CTO

Chris and his team work with our customers to maximise their HR systems, leverage their investments and achieve their strategic HR objectives.

With an extensive track record in the payroll and HR industry, which has included roles at Kmart Australia, EMI Music, The CD Store, and PayGlobal, Chris brings vision and leadership to the executive team. He is focused on launching new generation solutions that improve how payroll and HR management is approached, as technology evolves at a rapid pace.

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