You get the leaving gift, Jemini will handle the rest!

Breakups are never easy — even business breakups. But when we take care of the tedious tasks like organising paperwork, handovers and exit interviews, you can spend quality time with your team — and make time for the farewell cake, of course!

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Say goodbye in style

No one likes writing a resignation letter, but Jemini makes the whole offboarding process a breeze. With AI to encourage retention before resignation and automation of the admin that comes with an employee leaving, there’s more time to say your goodbyes and focus on your next hello.

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Easily distribute information

Handovers are a pain, but with everything in one place, you can make sure all those important nuggets make it to the next person in time!

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Automate final pay calculations

Put down the calculator! With one integrated HR & Payroll system, leaver's pay is automatically calculated including bonuses and annual leave so you can spend more time with them in their final days.

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Restart the recruitment process in just a few clicks!

With all the HR insights Jemini offers at your fingertips, you can see where your hiring gaps are at a glance, the skills you have internally to fill those roles and then start the hiring process in just a few clicks.

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Jemini HR Software Employee lifecycle view
Employee lifecycle view: Off-boarding application

Leave it to Jemini

The only question you’ll have to ask is, chocolate or banana cake? Everything else is taken care of. Offboarding admin is all left to Jemini to generate official documents, payouts, handovers and skill sharing. Jemini will even send reminders to return business property and devices so you know all the bases are covered.

With automated handovers and file transfers, all the heavy lifting’s taken care of and you can focus on your people in their final days. Jemini is even set up to continue to stay in touch with ex-employees, so it’s not goodbye, it’s just ‘see ya later!'

Jemini HR Software Off-boarding view
Off-boarding view

Make the most of continuous learning

We know continual learning is important to all modern businesses, so to help you stay ahead of the game we've made sure our insights about employee satisfaction and business feedback are always available. Jemini will challenge you to improve your workplace and future-proof your business.

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