Build the right team culture from day one with HR software that rethinks the culture game.

Perks and bonuses aren’t what keeps employees around. It’s an engaging and inspiring company culture that makes employees feel valued. Let your staff build online communities, hobby groups and even attract top talent with your revolutionary culture management. Jemini’s wellbeing monitoring and open forums for feedback allow businesses to create an open environment for a positive culture to thrive.

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Bring your company culture to life

With connectivity and social networking at our fingertips around the clock, why not make the most of this in your forward-thinking workplace too? We built Jemini to remove engagement barriers and boost company culture. The result? A workplace culture that thrives.

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Build community through shared hobbies and interests

Employees can highlight their hobbies and interests right from their individual profiles to naturally build connections with others in the business. Inspire employees to start social groups and ignite culture from the ground up.

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Host events that inspire

Whether it’s business or pleasure, planning events is a key factor in keeping your team engaged. We make planning easy with polls and surveys to gauge interest company-wide in a flash, giving you more time to get planning!

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Keep your finger on the pulse of your workplace

With the power of AI, you can see stats at a glance, support the health & wellbeing of your workforce and make the most of engaging with your employees.

Jemini Guide To Employee Employment & Wellness

A Guide to Employee Engagement

All the facts and tips you need to become an employee engagement & wellness champion.

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Jemini Employee Portfolio View
Jemini Employee Portfolio View

Power to the people – YOUR people

Inspire employee engagement and foster an engaged community, on and offline! With Jemini’s beautiful user-interface, it can act like your company’s social networking tool, enabling employees to connect and engage with like-minded people across the business. Take a look at just how easy it is for employees to build out their personal profile with their hobbies and interests to connect with like-minded people.

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Know What Your Employees Are Thinking And Feeling

Know what your employees are thinking and feeling

With sentiment monitoring and real-time anonymised polls & surveys, Jemini helps you understand what's actually going on in your organisation. Determine the individual and overall organisational satisfaction of your employees at a glance while gaining insight into all aspects of the business, like how many people bike to work, so you can improve what matters most to your employees.

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