Training your people, the RIGHT way

Reinvigorate your training process and empower your employees to take their careers with you to the next level.

Keeping employees happy and engaged is about more than just a salary rise. The impact of COVID-19 has been that many aspects of ‘business as usual’ have changed irreversibly, including how you need to approach staff training and development. It is estimated that by 2030, 14% of the global workforce may need to switch occupations as Digitisation, Automation and AI disrupt the world of work. To adapt to these shifts your organisation (and staff) is going to need to develop new competencies.

In this 30-minute webinar Gabriella Barbara explains the best practice approach to training and development, how you can support and upskill your workforce in an evolving world, improving employee engagement and retention. You will learn how redesigning your training approach can help you identify skills gaps, give you visibility of experience sets across the organisation, as well as gain clarity on the competencies that exist within your business and how these can be leveraged to develop other employees and benefit your company overall.

Key questions you’ll have answered: How do I track who has been trained, and in what? Where is my team at with their required learning? How do I track compliance and required registrations?

Q&A Panelists:
  • Gabriella Barbara
  • Casey Glover
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