Drop the stone-age payroll tools and streamline your processes with Jemini

If you’re still throwing paperwork parades every pay cycle, chances are things are a tad chaotic. It's time to drop the stone-age tools and see what a modern, unified payroll system can do for you.

Jemini can turn your dusty payroll system into a cloud-powered prophet that will give you almost limitless insights
into your most valuable resource — your people. Oh, and did we mention it’s all incredibly easy to use? Now, you’re
ready to look to the future and start efficiently managing, inspiring, and motivating your employees.

Effortless efficiency and flawless accuracy

Automate complex tasks, eliminate errors, and ensure on-time payments, every time. Actually, free up your team's valuable time for higher-level initiatives

Compliance confidence and peace of mind

Stay ahead of ever-changing NZ/AU regulations with automatic updates and alerts. Focus on building a thriving team, not looking for Panadol for those compliance headaches.

Flexibility that fits your business

Handle complex payroll scenarios with ease, whether it's managing multiple employments for individual staff or sorting out retroactive changes.

Data-driven decisions, brighter outcomes

Leverage powerful but easy to understand analytics and reporting to gain deep insights into your workforce. Make informed decisions — oh, it also makes pretty slick dashboards to show the boss, too.

Reveal the power within your payroll data

Effortless payroll management

  • Dynamic transactions: Handle future dated transactions and retroactive changes effortlessly.
  • Historical data access: Maintain a complete audit trail for compliance and
    reference checks.
  • Accurate tracking: Real-time updates of leave balances for complete transparency.
  • Integrated workflows: Simplify leave requests and approvals with automated workflows.
  • Multiple employment management: Manage multiple employments for individuals within your organisation effortlessly.
  • Consistent processing: Ensure accurate and consistent payroll calculations across all employments.

Real-time processing and flexibility

  • Instant calculations: Process payroll in real-time, ensuring accuracy and on-time payments every time.
  • Always open for business: Run payroll whenever you need to, without waiting for scheduled cycles.
  • No opening of pay cycles: Process payroll components for the future, whenever needed.

Drowning in spreadsheets and reports that speak a language only sorcerers understand?

Untangle the data jumble

Powerful (but easy) reporting and insights

  • Comprehensive reports: Generate detailed reports covering earnings, deductions, taxes, and more.
  • Data analytics: Uncover deeper insights with powerful but easy-to-use
    analytics tools.
  • Automated compliance reporting: Stay compliant with NZ/AU regulations with automated reports.

Always up-to-date and compliant

  • Automatic updates: Stay compliant with the latest legislative changes automatically.
  • Legislative alerts: Receive notifications about changes impacting payroll processes.
  • Compliance alerts: Be warned of upcoming deadlines and expiration dates with compliance implications.

“Our payroll was really not best practice, it was all done manually. Jemini has given us a formal process and structure for payroll.”

Peter Riddell, Group Information Services Manager, PF Olsen

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True cloud-based payroll software

  • Automatic updates
    Benefit from automatic updates for the latest features and enhancements without downtime, guaranteed.
  • Security and reliability
    Enjoy enterprise-grade security and guaranteed uptime, ensuring data protection and system availability.
  • Cost-effective
    Reduce IT overhead with a subscription-based model that includes maintenance, updates, and support.

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