Jemini’s next-generation technology makes talent management effortless for you and your staff.

Managing your most important asset shouldn’t be left to a manual process, with a performance review once a year. It should be a living, breathing conversation to get the most out of your people and help them get the most out of your organisation too. Keep the conversation and support going with Jemini’s talent and performance management system which allows you to keep your team engaged, without a spreadsheet in sight!

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Rethinking reviews

Make reviews more meaningful by eliminating paper-based appraisals and start using flexible tools that work with and for your forward-thinking people. Get to what matters fast with online team overview, automation that gives credit where credit's due, and stop any niggles before they become problems.

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Let employees own their career

Not only can employees take their career into their own hands through training, but they can flag where they need help, support others or even offer anonymous feedback to keep your organisation functioning at its best.

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Know when to reward and reproach

Managers shouldn’t feel like they’re on everyone’s case all the time. The beauty of AI is that it works with you to let you take notice of those who go above & beyond while flagging those who may need extra attention. With templates and customisable drag and drop builders, you can standardise the performance management processes too and help get employees back on track.

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Get real insights about your people

Analyse not only competency gaps with real-time views of current skills and certification, but check in on the mood and satisfaction of your employees too. With wellbeing at our core, we’re helping you shape the future of your business to focus on your most important asset – your people.

Make Talent & Performance Management a positive, engaging experience

  • Intuitive drag & drop interface
  • Collaborative and inviting
  • Prompted and monitored using AI
  • Automatically align and track goals & aspirations with training and support
  • Cultivate personal investment for greater employee engagement
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Jemini Employee performance tracker
Employee performance tracker

Inspire your employees to drive success

Feedback is so important for development, but not everyone is confident enough to give or receive it. Through Jemini’s next-generation technology, employees can anonymously offer feedback to other employees, support each other and work together to build a business of the future.

Secure 360 Feedback platform
Secure 360 Feedback platform

Make time for the conversations that count

Let Jemini automate all the admin from goal setting to key competencies and development plans so you have more time to be hands-on with employees. Make time for the conversations that matter with timely reminders and automated appraisal workflows, so you’ll never miss a beat and leave employees feeling valued round the clock.

Jemini view of teams performance tracking
Tracking teams performance

Real-time reports for continuous improvement

With live data and real-time reports, we’re making performance management a living, breathing conversation so you can support those who need it in time, before any issues get out of hand.

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Toyota NZ – Driving change with Jemini

“We want to show our staff that we listen to them and that we act on what they tell us. But above all, I look forward to our people getting excited about using Jemini and actually doing their appraisals without any problems.”

- Melissa Williams, Payroll & Administration, Business Support, Toyota New Zealand

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