The secrets to payroll compliance

Payroll can be time-consuming, confusing and, with some older systems, requires stressful lining up of both planets and ducks each cycle to stay legislatively compliant. Getting it wrong can be both expensive, and potentially damaging to your reputation if it hits the news.

How do you simplify the pay-run, confidently remain compliant, and get through each pay-cycle without anxiety? It's time to take a fresh approach to Payroll.

In this 30 minute webinar Gabriella Barbara explains how recent changes to legislation have impacted payroll in New Zealand, and left businesses at risk if their legacy Payroll isn’t supporting them adequately into compliance. She will then share a few hard won “secrets to success” that, as an employee, will ensure you’re being paid what is owed to you, and as an employer, will help you avoid the uncomfortable situation of incorrectly paying your staff.

She’ll demonstrate how with Jemini Payroll you will be;

• Kiwisaver compliant

• IRD Payday Filing compliant

• NZ Holidays Act compliant


Speakers: Gabriella Barbara & Neil Gardner

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