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Cloud-based HR software. Simply smarter, definitely better.

If you’re still struggling with an on-premises solution, we feel for you. Jemini cloud-based, fully integrated, online HR software is where it’s at, and for good reason.

Think always-on access, self-service employee portals for career development, in-built and up-to-date legislative compliance. Think AI smarts, and automated intelligent processes which support HR recruitment, onboarding, and people management success, while championing creativity and company culture.

Most importantly, say goodbye (with bells on) to the everyday challenge of dealing with the limitations of legacy HRIS software. Forget about trying to connect the dots between information siloes, or attempting to breathe life back into outdated, lack-lustre performance plans. Stop worrying about improving employee engagement and productivity with a solution that just won’t let you make a difference.

Talk to us. We can help you recapture hearts. 

Jemini HR Software Employee lifecycle view
Employee lifecycle view: Off-boarding application

Holistic HR management, in one easy-to-use place

We'll take care of the HR data and detail, so you can transform your business and get back to what matters – supporting your people. By automating your HR software and admin tasks, not only do you buy yourself time, but you open up to a whole new world of engaging and empowering your employees too.

That’s right, Jemini’s not just about automating the onboarding and offboarding process. Our next-generation intelligent HR software helps you get the best from your employees around the clock. By giving them the freedom to identify the areas they’re passionate in and the tools they need to upskill, we’re helping businesses motivate and reward employees, support team culture, and boost employee satisfaction too.

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