Meet Jemini. The next generation in HR and payroll software. Jemini is transforming payroll software & human resource management into one integrated, innovative and inspiring platform.

Flicking between multiple payroll and HR systems is a tedious task of the past. The future is one life-changing people management software. The future is Jemini. We’re enabling forward-thinking companies like yours to break up with their monotonous management tools and start efficiently managing, inspiring and motivating your employees.

Take the pain out of payroll

Make payday a day everyone loves! Move away from your manual processes with our intuitive single touch payroll system. Our live payroll engine empowers your employees to get hands on with their real-time figures too – anywhere, anytime.

Find the right talent, every time

Welcoming new staff has never been easier. Effortlessly advertise, review and automatically onboard keen talent all through our consolidated human resources management software that’s flexi enough to keep up with your modern workplace.

Engage and empower your employees

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed and the freedom to do it on their terms. Empower them to upskill and drive their career aspirations all while building a meaningful team culture at every step in the employee lifecycle.

Sleep easy knowing your data is safe

You deal with sensitive data every day, the last thing you need is to be worrying about its security too. Rest assured knowing we were built with security at our core, plus we undergo regular hack testing to keep your mind at ease.

Let AI do the thinking for you

Your decision making just got easier! By using continuous machine learning our software provides smart insights to inform your decisions and drive business efficiency.

People-focused design

With Jemini, intuitive design meets exceptional user experience to bring you an easy-to-use and visually engaging tool that’s advanced enough to inspire tech-types, yet simple enough for anyone to use.

Staying one step ahead of the work-place game is in our DnA – Discovery and Advisory, that is.

Leave your old school business traditions in the past and let us take you on the true Jemini journey! Jemini is so much more than just an HR & payroll system. In fact, day-in and day-out we help modern businesses like yours tap into their future and evolve their organisation through our unique Discovery and Advisory (DnA) consultancy programme. If you’re ready to future-proof, not just your HR & payroll systems, but your entire organisation to start empowering your people, then the Jemini DnA journey is for you.

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Customer success

Toyota car

Toyota NZ – Driving change with Jemini

“We want to show our staff that we listen to them and that we act on what they tell us. But above all, I look forward to our people getting excited about using Jemini and actually doing their appraisals without any problems.”

- Melissa Williams, Payroll & Administration, Business Support, Toyota New Zealand

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