Jemini changes the Human Resources landscape

Jemini provides an opportunity for organisations to discover real improvements over their current Human Resource systems and processes. We recognise the market has many mature systems, so a newcomer must provide strong, tangible reasons for an organisation to change. Jemini is a new end-to-end solution for leading organisations.

Jemini offers real innovation, from our human focused design to our unique implementation approach.


Evolution is inevitable and brilliant — software design is no exception


Thinking back to the designs of the 1950s (modernist era), designers had a fascination with introducing machinery to gain efficiencies. Often a product's form was secondary to the product’s function.

By the 1980s and 1990s (postmodernist era), designers looked to challenge and disrupt past design ideas.

Fast forward to today and we’re taking a postmodernist approach to Jemini.

Our design reflects human feelings of excitement, curiosity, joy and passion. Our design takes its inspiration from a myriad of sources such as movies, games and art — a radical change to the traditional.

We believe there is something beyond the traditional user experience — a truly stimulating, human-focused design. 

Jemini is an unconventional approach to HR Management, at the heart is a focus to achieve a series of people objectives.

The innovative & futuristic solution

Imagine People Management literally at your fingertips

The right talent, in the right role, at the right time

Jemini changes the Human Resources landscape for medium to large organisations.  Jemini is unconventional and provides an opportunity for organisations to discover real improvements over their current systems and processes.


Decrease employee turnover, increase care & engagement

We recognise the market has many solid and mature systems, so a newcomer has to provide strong,  tangible reasons for an organisation to change.  

Align staff to their teams, the business & their Role

Ensure operational processes are streamlineD & Effective

Jemini offers real innovation, from our human focused design to our unique implementation approach.

The 1980s

Separating HR & Payroll Systems

The 80s saw Human Resources & Payroll system separation, during this era, system separation was common. Human Resources & Payroll systems were isolated, there was very little integration, and manual data input was required to ensure consistency between core systems.

The 1990s

Combining HR & Payroll Systems

Then along came the 90s when Human Resources & Payroll systems were combined, spurred on by the advent of integrated Human Resource & Payroll systems promising huge efficiency and performance gains. The all-in-one core system was adopted by many organisations. Despite these seemingly feature rich applications — customers rarely made full use of all the functionality.

The 2000s

Cloud Based Solutions

Since 2000, the market has been dominated by cloud based solutions, an explosion of best-of-breed cloud products has meant organisations were spoiled for choice. However, core legacy Payroll systems were kept amidst fears around business stability.

Looking for alternatives

As portfolios increase, the costs associated with maintaining multiple subscriptions and the need for greater integration between independent cloud solutions see organisations looking for alternatives.

Digital appetites have matured

We believe the cycle is repeating, fully integrated systems leveraging cloud, social, mobile and future technologies will take their place, however design approaches, cloud technologies, mobile and digital appetites have matured.

Integrated cloud based applications

Consolidated systems can now deliver value by offering the benefits of an integrated solution with the speed, accessibility and flexibility of cloud based applications.

Designed & Developed by Fusion5

Whilst Jemini is new, Fusion5 already has 320 existing Human Capital Management customers using EmpowerHR, Jade Star and MyWorkplace with many using their current technology for nearly 25 years. These customers are located across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

With a significant amount of history behind Jemini, it means the understanding and knowledge that is available to build Jemini is unique.

Our customers currently enjoy software that is date effective, position driven and has a strong level of configurability. These key attributes carry across into Jemini, as our understanding of medium to large organisations ensures we don’t forget key functionality that makes a difference to medium and large organisations.

As well as these key features, Jemini incorporates the latest HR trends.

Future Proofing with Jemini

Jemini helps future proof customers for the next 10 years. Many organisations look to invest further in their people, and modern technology, to ensure the engagement of staff crosses the generations.

The cross generational gap across the workforce is more challenging and unique than ever before.

Early Adopter programmes are available now

The Jemini Early Adopters program enables strategic customers to get direct hands on access to the next-generation Jemini platform. The program allows participating organisations to get a head start on their competition, by gaining access to Jemini and direct engagement with the Jemini Experience Team to assist with implementation and configuration.

Participants will have access to the latest release of Jemini and will have the opportunity to provide feedback on new features and components. Predominantly Jemini is a cloud based solution, but it can be managed inhouse or off-cloud if required.

Jemini Early Adopters