Ditch the system shuffle. Jemini brings HR & Payroll together.

If you’re still flicking between your HR and payroll software, chances are things are a tad chaotic — we wouldn't be surprised if your team is resorting to carving leave requests into the office walls. It's time to ditch the stone-age tools and see what a modern, unified system can do for you.

Jemini can turn your HR and payroll systems into a power couple that will give you almost limitless insights into your most valuable resource — your people. Now, you’re ready to look to the future and start efficiently managing, inspiring, and motivating your employees.

Who said payroll had to be painful?

Be gone, spreadsheet chaos! Embrace the magic of single-touch payroll. Jemini automates your payroll, simplifying your life and giving your team real-time access to their pay info — no more delays or frantic emails.

All aboard! Seamless onboarding starts here.

No more chasing new hires for missing paperwork. Jemini automates the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth start for everyone. From welcome emails to essential forms, build a winning first impression from day one.

Want a team that actually cares? Jemini (really) sparks engagement.

If your current systems treat your team like cogs in a machine, that's exactly what you'll get. Jemini transforms engagement to genuinely empower your people. Imagine the potential of a team where everyone has clear goals, the tools to grow, and feels valued. That's the Jemini difference.

Relax, your data's got bodyguards. Meet Jemini security.

Those spreadsheets hold more than just numbers — they're your team's lives. Jemini takes data protection incredibly seriously. With robust security protocols and constant vigilance, you can focus on your people, not battling cyber threats.

Data deluge got you dizzy? Jemini's your translator.

Drowning in spreadsheets and reports that speak a language only sorcerers understand? Jemini untangles the data jumble and translates it into actionable insights. Forecast trends with ease, predict staffing needs with confidence, and optimise performance — finally, data that makes sense and empowers strategic decision-making.

Technophobe Approved. Jemini's powerfully simple.

Suffering from incoherent interfaces that make you want to cause serious damage to company property? Jemini believes HR and payroll tools should be intuitive, not infuriating. Find what you need in seconds, automate those repetitive tasks, and finally ditch that software manual for good. Oh, it also makes pretty slick dashboards to show the boss, too.

When these industry leaders choose Jemini, you know it's the smart move

How does Jemini help HR managers?

Automated Onboarding

Forget onboarding chaos and paperwork pileups. Jemini automates the entire process for a seamless new hire experience.

Talent Management

No more awkward performance reviews. Jemini streamlines tracking goals and boosts employee development.

Real-Time Reports

Need data, like, yesterday? Jemini's got you covered with real-time reports at your fingertips.

Single Source of Truth

Stop juggling spreadsheets and syncing mismatched data. Jemini consolidates HR & Payroll for total workforce visibility.

Modern Workplace Flexibility

Keep up with the changing workplace. Jemini's adaptable tech supports your evolving HR needs and employee engagement.

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How does Jemini help payroll managers?

KiwiSaver and IRD Compliance

Forget sweating over KiwiSaver and IRD rules. Jemini's got your compliance covered, giving you more time to strategise and improve processes.

NZ Holidays Act Compliance

Navigate the tricky NZ Holidays Act without headaches. Jemini handles complex calculations and keeps your payroll ship sailing smoothly.

Automated Online Payroll Approval

Ditch the paperwork parade. Jemini streamlines payroll approval, saving you time and minimising those irritating errors.

ATO Single Touch Payroll (STP) Compliance

Say goodbye to ATO reporting stress. Jemini's automatic STP compliance keeps you on the right side of Aussie regulations.

SuperStream Compliant (Superannuation & Superstapling)

Tame the superannuation beast! Jemini handles SGC, voluntary contributions, salary sacrifice, and all that Superstapling complexity with ease.

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How does Jemini help employees?

Real-time payroll access

No more payday surprises. Jemini gives employees real-time insight into their pay, fostering financial peace of mind for every team member.

Effortless leave management

Sayanora sticky notes and panicked emails. Jemini makes managing time off a breeze, from applying for leave to tracking balances. 

Better career growth opportunities

Jemini lets employees take charge of their career path. Set goals, map out development plans, and get the training they need to thrive.

Self-service capabilities

HR helpdesk who? Jemini empowers employees to manage their details, access payslips, and handle requests on their own time.

Secure data handling

Your data's safe with us. Jemini's robust security protocols protect employees' sensitive information.

Intuitive design

No tech wizardry required. Jemini's easy-to-use interface puts employees in control without the frustration.

“Jemini has added transparency to our career development process, so everyone can see what’s expected, and the business can make sure we provide opportunities and support our people's needs.”

Rebekah Pine, General Manager Customer Success & Employee Engagement, Fusion5

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