Integrated, innovative and inspiring.

HR & Payroll software your people will love to use.


The way people work is changing. How we manage people needs to change too.

Jemini transforms the Human Resources landscape.

Jemini is revolutionary People Management Software for people-focused employers. It enables forward-thinking organisations like yours to manage, engage, train, motivate, reward and remunerate employees in ways not previously possible.

All from within one system.

As workplaces evolve, Jemini provides a new way for you to work with your people, and for them to work with you and one another. Forget old-school forms and tabs, Jemini’s human-focused UI makes the employee experience intuitive, engaging and enjoyable, while delivering a bankable business ROI. 


See what the future of HR & Payroll software looks like


Your competitive advantage.
A solution designed for people


Many solutions claim full integration,
but few actually are

Seamlessly manage the entire employee lifecycle. All from one place.

From onboarding to adieu. Recruitment to retirement. Induction to incentivising.

People Management


Features you’ll love. Problems you’ll solve.


Attract, Recruit & Attain

Get the right people for the right roles, with less HR effort. Simplify and streamline your recruitment process so it’s a faster, smoother, more cost-effective and repeatable process.


Onboard, Socialise, Orientate & Induct

Ensure your new employees get the warmest possible welcome with an engaging digital and in-person onboarding experience managed from a single place.


Measure, Evaluate & Align

Provide more than just a wonderfully engaging employee experience. Align your business KPIs with your organisational strategy – beautifully.


Develop & Improve

Equip your employees to excel. Proactively manage career progression and succession planning to increase staff loyalty and retention.

Engage & Motivate

Remove engagement barriers and motivate and involve staff with a highly familiar and seamless social interaction and social media experience. (Think Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).

Recognise, Reward & Retain

Enjoy a user-centric approach to payroll. Payroll, T&A, compliance and reporting, self-service, bonus and incentive programmes, and individual compensation plans. Even self-pay.


Separation & Offboarding

Effortlessly coordinate employee separation tasks such as exit interviews, IT & Security Offboarding with online tools, checklists and workflows. Even schedule an official farewell.

Connect, Empower & Stimulate

Build active online social and business communities in your workplace! Use AI to help support the wellbeing of your business culture by monitoring employee sentiment in real-time.