Get a real-time picture of leave from both sides of the fence with Jemini leave management.

There’s more to Jemini leave management than just tracking the ‘why’ and ‘when’ of employee leave, and managing pay entitlements accurately. (Although that’s important!). In these days of work-from-home, it’s also critical to know the ‘where’ your people are. And when you let your employees see the ‘how’, as in ‘how much leave do I have accrued, as of this minute?’, it’s happiness all round.

Love that real-time leave reporting!

With leave entitlements updated in real time, not per pay cycle, not only do you know how many leave days your employees have in the time-off bank, but so do they! And that makes forward planning easier for everyone.

Goodbye to crystal ball gazing

If real-time leave reporting isn’t already exciting enough, how about enabling your employees to check into Jemini’s self-service portal and see for themselves how much leave they’ll have accrued in a month’s time? Or in two months, six months, or a year?

Get granular with your resource tracking and planning

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to leave tracking. Know who is on holiday, taking bereavement, sick, birthday or parental leave, volunteering, training, working-from-home, and more – and stay ahead of the resourcing curve!

Hey, I worked that day!

While most systems allow you or your employee to delete or cancel leave, only Jemini lets either of you change a planned absence to a normal working day. If a day is reversed, Jemini ensures correct payment and credits the unused time back to the employee in accordance with the Holidays Act.

At a glance leave liability

  • Get a 360-degree view of planned absences
  • Choose your view and filter by team, department, location, and time
  • Fast filter of employees by type (full time, part-time and more)
  • Set alerts for leave liability over pre-set $ values
  • Identify employees who have accrued too much leave
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Leave liability by location

Leave liability by location

  • Drill down to liability totals by region or country
  • See business totals by salary levels, total weeks due and the $ value of outstanding leave
  • View by team or entire workforce
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Keep leave under control

Keep leave under control

  • Set up alerts to reflect and enforce leave policies
  • Manage and control leave to avoid under-resourcing and workforce gaps
  • Generate insights and tasks
  • Ensure legislative requirements are met


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