Gain a strategic advantage with real-time people reporting and analytics

In an age where data drives most business decisions, it’s hard to believe that 83% of companies still aren’t using advanced people analytics to drive success, improve performance, or simply become a better workplace.

If you fall into that group, you may feel like you’re in good company. But before you rest on your laurels, ask yourself why the remaining 17% do leverage advanced people reporting and analytics? What do they know that you don’t? And critically, what value do they get from it?

According to The Josh Bersin Company, businesses that use advanced analytics are 2.6x more likely to exceed their financial targets, 6.7x more likely to adapt well to change, and 7.7x more likely to innovate effectively.

That’s without even looking at the purely ‘people’ factor. Like creating a workplace 7.3x more likely to engage and retain employees.

So, the question isn’t why should you use advanced data analytics, but why wouldn’t you?

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Improve business performance with real-time, decision-making people data!

Don’t underestimate the impact that analytics and insights on HR and payroll data can have on the performance of your business. If you can’t imagine running your organisation without the reports, analytics, and metrics you get from your CRM and ERP, then why rely on an outdated HR/payroll system to manage your most valuable (and often most expensive) resource?

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Stop payroll fraud in its tracks

Payroll fraud relies on historically poor auditing processes. If you don’t know how many people you employ, payroll staff can create fake employee records or prolong paying an employee who has left the company, and redirect payments into their own account. Jemini turnover analysis helps to track staff numbers by department and team, and create processes to banish ghost employees.

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Say ‘no’ to the Great Resignation (and hello to being fully informed)

In the face of the Great Resignation, the ability to attract and retain staff is a management priority. But to make strategic decisions to improve your ability to engage the hearts and minds of new and existing employees, you need full visibility to develop strategies to overcome workplace challenges like skill gaps, talent development, succession planning in an aging workforce, and more.

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You can’t manage what you can measure — or see!

To actively manage your workforce, you need to actively report on, track and understand your employees by role, skills, and likelihood of attrition based on current data and recent trends. And spreadsheets just won’t make the cut. With on-demand advanced reporting and analysis, you’ll have your finger on the people pulse, and minimise the risk of attracting fines for non-compliance.

Discover the benefits of improved reporting and analytics

Arrange a demo and see for yourself the type of data and analytics insights you could be utilising.

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Times have changed. So why hasn’t your approach to payroll?

For years you’ve generated sales pipelines, predicted cashflows, and much more using your ERP and CRM. You probably take for granted the wealth of decision-making data you have at your fingertips. You’ve made significant investments in your business solutions, and you rightly expect business value — and you get it. But chances are, you’re using the same uninspiring payroll system you rolled out over a decade ago.

Jemini Payroll’s advanced analysis and reporting puts your people decisions on the same footing as those mission-critical decisions which drive organisational growth, success, and transformation.

See your greatest business assets in a new light.

After years of working in the dark, Jemini puts the enlightening power of informed decision-making in your hands. You finally have visibility of your employee costs and leave liability, so you can tackle your forecast planning with confidence. You’ll also be able to clearly identify where you are under-resourced, and drill down to identify those key employees who are in danger of burnout.

Securely access and generate accurate, real-time reports — any time. All without having to wait for your payroll or HR team to find the time to extract and send the data you need.  

Instant insights on demand

Good decision-making demands great data. Information that’s accessible, real-time, accurate and available through one-touch reporting or on executive dashboards.

It’s also timely. And timesaving. Reports that used to take hours or even days take just moments.

Built using Microsoft Power BI, Jemini reports and dashboards come with baked-in security, so access to personal and general information is determined by role and predetermined permissions. For example, the CEO dashboard will show number of employees, turnover statistics, length of service, top performers, new positions, vacant positions, number of employees in each position, number of employees at each office site, number of casual, full-time, part time employees, and contractors.

People analytics on demand

  • Aspirations (Career planning)
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employee Contacts
  • Employee Demographics
  • Employee Details
  • Employee Headcount Analysis
  • Health Details
  • New Hire Diversity
  • Occupancy Details
  • Security Profiles / User Profiles
  • Performance Review
  • Performance Group Assignment
  • Performance Ratings
  • Performance Notes
  • Position Chart Export
  • Terminations & New Starters
  • Employee Leave Plan Listing
  • Library summary
  • Performance Goals
  • Pay Rate / Salary
  • CEO Review
  • eLearning Attempts
  • Course Prerequisite Summary
  • Leave Metrics
  • Hours Worked Casuals
  • Hours worked vs. Sick Leave
  • Absenteeism Report
  • WGEA
  • Length of Service

Payroll analytics on demand

  • Cost Centre GL Detail
  • Cost Centre GL Summary
  • Employee Costing
  • Employee GL Costing
  • Deduction Extract
  • Direct Credit Check
  • Employee Leave Events
  • Employee Leave Rates
  • Hours Worked Analysis
  • Single Touch Payroll
  • IR Filing
  • Leave Balance
  • Leave Liability
  • Leave Transaction
  • Pay Calculation
  • Pay Summary
  • Pay Transaction
  • Pay Variance
  • Pay Variance to Previous Gross
  • Pay Variance to Previous Pay
  • Pay Variance to Standard Pay
  • Super Fund Report
  • Employee Pay Calculation
  • Employee Pay Rates
  • Tax Year IRD / ATO Payment
  • Employee Tax Summary
  • Employee Pay Summary

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