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There’s no need to change your existing recruitment tools when you choose Jemini

Jemini provides an API and web services to seamlessly integrate with your recruitment tool of choice. This means you can enjoy the payroll and HR benefits that Jemini provides, while still using the recruitment tools you know and love.

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There’s no limit to the tools we integrate with

Jemini’s standard API integrations are available using Campfire integration (IaaS), but our team can also use Jitterbit, mulesoft or any other preferred integration platform you prefer. We can also offer point to point integration. Sounding a bit technical? It simply means that no matter which tools you use, we’ll be able to create a robust, best of breed integration solution to keep your entire HR process running smoothly and efficiently.

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Why not talk to us about your current tools, and discover how they can integrate seamlessly with Jemini.

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Call Gabriella Barbara - Jemini Account Manager

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