First impressions are everything, so start off on the right foot by recruiting through next-generation HR software.

Start the recruitment process with next-generation technology in hand. Streamline your entire recruitment process by using AI to identify key areas you need talent and have opportunities for internal career progression. Make hiring a breeze with the ability to effortlessly build new job descriptions and advertise, before snapping up great talent in no time. All this through one platform that was built from the ground up with HR management of the future in mind.

Effortlessly identify talent shortages

Great talent is all around, but do you know exactly who you need and where to find them? With built-in insights and AI to highlight exactly where you need support, you’ll know who to hire and when at a glance and without the pain of annoying admin.

Advertise for the right people, to the right people

Building out a job description is as easy as a few clicks with our customisable drag and drop templates. Start the advertising process off easily with seamless ad integration to all major talent seeking platforms and social channels.

Manage applications with your eyes closed

Well, almost! Nothing will stop you when the applicants start rolling in with automated application management, candidate selection, shortlisting and even interview scheduling. Have all bases of the selection process covered with automated emails and feedback triggered right from within Jemini.

Say goodbye to paperwork

Filing new employee contracts and documents can be a bore! Get your days back by sending, signing and storing all official documents from the same secure place, plus easily share important information with others through the click of a button.

Jemini - Finding talents across employees and candidates
Find talents across employees and candidates

Empower hiring managers

We know how frustrating it can be to internally organise hiring workflows. Highlighting gaps, justifying your need and making sure there’s budget can feel like it takes a lifetime. So, we’re giving managers the tools they need for success! Everyone can tap in and see what the business needs to thrive, identify skill vacancies and department budget allocations all in one place. By setting up tailored recruitment workflows to suit your business, you’ll have peace of mind that the hiring stages are automatically and efficiently going through the right people, without having to leave your desk!

Jemini - Candidate portfolio view
Candidate portfolio

You're a people-person, not a paperwork-person!

When did HR become about paperwork? Leave old school paper-based applications and CVs behind. With automated CV collection, drag and drop candidate management, plus the ability to compare, shortlist and even select your star candidate, you’ll find the right talent, every time. Oh, and did we mention not having to print that stack of CVs is way more eco-friendly too!

Jemini recruitment workflow for interview tracking
Recruitment workflow: Interview tracking

You choose the top talent, we'll do the rest

The joy of having one system to do it all means the moment you choose your star candidate, they’ll be contacted for a smooth onboarding process. Familiarise them with the organisation instantly, introduce them to your modern business processes and let them become acquainted with your culture before they even step foot in the office.  

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