Building meaningful relationships from before day one has never been easier.

Starting a new job can be daunting for everyone, that’s why Jemini helps businesses stay on top of the induction and onboarding process from one centralised place. Jemini's sleek design means new employees get the warmest of welcomes, develop a deep understanding of the company and can hit the ground running.

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Why wait? Say hi right away!

Don’t sit back and wait until their first day to get acquainted. As soon as your new employee accepts their role, they can start engaging with team members through Jemini allowing them to receive warm welcomes, team orientations and compare interests before they even set foot in the office.

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Build personal profiles and communities

New employees can jump right in and set up their digital personal profile and store their up-to-date personal data. They can also upload payment information that goes straight through to payroll and select their interests to join social groups. With a user-friendly design and helpful hints & pop-ups along the way, they’ll hit the ground running with Jemini and their new role.

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Inspire with personalised onboarding experiences

We’re changing the onboarding game by streamlining the entire process. With personalised onboarding portals for each employee, they can tick off their orientation, meet & greets, read important documents and complete continuous training with ease, all while giving managers full oversight of their progress.

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Manage the professional and personal wellbeing of employees

Wellbeing is at the heart of your business, that’s why we built Jemini with wellbeing at its core. Introduce new employees to their mood tracker, sick leave management and even sleep schedule, all enhanced with AI that encourages wellbeing and proactively recommends courses to lend a hand where necessary.

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Say goodbye to paperwork

Filing new employee contracts and documents can be a bore! Get your days back by sending, signing and storing official documents from the same secure place, plus easily share important information with others through the click of a button.

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All your induction tasks and reminders in one place

One system for all your onboarding needs

First days can be overwhelming with so many names to remember, not to mention learning multiple systems too. With one cohesive system to take care of all parts of the onboarding process, getting acquainted and diving into a new role is a breeze. We even built Jemini with newbies in mind, so our people-focused design is easy-to-use and visually engaging, making it advanced enough to inspire tech-types, yet simple enough for anyone to use.

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Successful candidate: job offer

Build a strong company culture 

Jemini is the glue that holds your organisation together. We know employees that are engaged with company culture are more likely to stay in a role for longer, so building your team culture into the onboarding process is oh-so-important too. Connect employees with similar interests, build out new social clubs (hello, run club!) and get ready for thriving employees. With organisational oversights about interests and company culture at your fingertips, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what matters most to your people and make sure you’re offering support where they need it most.

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Take the stress out of reminders

We know how busy your managers are, so make sure you don’t miss a beat in the onboarding process with our automated reminders, training sessions and meeting scheduling, giving you more time to start inspiring and mentoring employees.

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