We know change can be daunting, so let us kickstart your Jemini journey with Discovery and Advisory!

Are you doing business of the future? Flexi work hours, non-defined workspaces and self-led schedules are on their way in. The Discovery and Advisory (DnA) journey is our very own consultancy service built simply to transform modern businesses and help them focus on their best asset – their people.

With our finger on the pulse of life-changing HR management systems and practices, we can give you a tailored and, most importantly, impartial view on how you can push your business boundaries, redesign your employee culture and evolve your organisation.

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Develop a lifelong business partnership

Like good wine or whiskey, good things take time! We’re all about developing long-term relationships that will challenge you to bring your best to the business. We know evolving an organisation doesn’t happen overnight, so we’re all about building valuable relationships that last.

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Improve the way you do business

Our market-leading strategy and implementation teams will help you scrub up on the way you work and evolve the way your business works with its people. The result? Easier decision making for you, allowing you to focus on your business instead of being caught up in it.

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Profit in more ways than one!

Our team of experts are leading the way with insightful, innovative and inspiring contributions & observations that will help you drive company value, meaning your people and your pockets will thank you.

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Get your confidence back with ongoing support

Every great team has a support squad. Have us on the sidelines as your back up business team around the clock for all your consultancy and business support needs.

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To solve a problem, one must first understand the problem. That’s where Jemini comes in! The discovery section of our DnA process helps you identify your current pain points and where you want to be as a forward-thinking business.  

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Co-creation Experience Mapping

In the first stage of our DnA journey, we bring together your team, employees and stakeholders for a collaborative exercise to map out where your business is currently at, the challenges you face and where you want to be. A deep understanding and buy in from all employees really helps to shape the future of your business.

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Discovery Workshops

Here, we roll up our sleeves and start to get hands on. Through a combination of workshops, observing your employees in action and meetings with key users, we can paint a full picture of your workplace, systems and what we need to do to help you level up.

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By chatting to your key employees, we can really gain an insider’s view and deep understanding of not just your day-to-day work processes, but your team culture too.

“Jemini’s DnA approach was really valuable,” she says. “Their consultant took me through the functions, how they work and how they could be configured to support or improve our existing processes. This gave me a clear understanding of the options we had to create the best possible employee experience.”

Delisha Bhagavan - HR and Training Consultant, Aioi NZ

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We'll deep dive into our findings to see how we can help you build an organisation of the future and discover a better way of working. 

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Collaborative Review

Once the Discovery stage is complete, we take a step back and analyse where you’re at, where you want to be, and how we can help get you there. We identify, score and pinpoint areas of focus to help transform your business and positively impact your employee experience.

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In this final stage, we help you roll out your tailored Human Resource and wider business plan to focus on your best asset – your people and their wellbeing. 

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Presentation of Findings

After evaluating our Discovery findings, our implementation team will sit down with you and work through the opportunities and possible future outlook of your organisation.

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Tactical & Strategic Fix Recommendations

By combining the tactical changes that you can get started on immediately with long-term strategic changes, we will help you future-proof your business and drive positive, lasting change.

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Ongoing Support

It’s not just set and forget! Our strategy and support teams will continue to work with your business to make these changes and consult with you along the way.

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