Why Jemini isn't for everyone

Date: 07 May 2019

Author: Chris Radley

It takes a special kind of business or organisation to look at Jemini, our ground-breaking HR Solution, and go ‘yes, it’s for us!” And that’s not just because Jemini is so different (although in all fairness, it is), but because they are too.

So, what makes a company choose Jemini? What mindset or approach do they have that sets them apart, and makes them willing to try something completely new?


First. Who is Jemini NOT for?

If we were just about the money, we’d say that Jemini is for everyone. But it’s not. So, let’s start with what sort of companies aren’t Jemini ready.

Now we all say, because we’re supposed to, that our people are our most valuable asset. However, that’s not exactly true for many businesses. Instead, enabling their people to engage with the business and one another at a meaningful level is a lesser priority than getting everyone to do what’s expected, when it’s expected and using the tools supplied.

There’s a world full of businesses who say ‘here’s our hierarchy, here’s our processes, here’s our brand. And if you want to work for us, this is how you will do it.’ And there’s merit to this approach for some organisations who rely on a highly structured and controlled approach to people productivity.

Unfortunately, that approach disregards how the process disconnects their people from one another and ultimately the business. It overrides preferred methods of communication and interaction styles, and makes employees feel devalued – just another brick in the wall.

Sure, we all apply a degree of pragmatism as to how our employers allow us (or are equipped to allow us) to interact, but for those who are too new to the workplace and not seasoned in the ways of the world, it’s not a good look, or feel. Especially as the consumer world treats us so differently – like the individuals we are.


Spotting the non-Jemini-ready client

When an HR manager says to us “Oh no, we wouldn’t want to give our employees the ability to do those things! We just want them to go through our process of basically doing as they’re told,” we know they’re not Jemini ready. And probably won’t be for a long time. When these businesses look for new HR and payroll software, they look for traditional business benefits, at an affordable cost, with inbuilt process automation and a better UX (user experience).

You’ll notice there’s no mention of ‘people’ and ‘happiness’?


Spotting the Jemini-ready client

This is how we can tell we have the perfect client for Jemini.

They’re the ones that say to us: “We have this group of people that we want to attract, keep, and build up. We want to do more with - and for - our people. We want them to be in control and happy.”

You’ll notice that ‘people’ and ‘happiness’ are integral to their vision.


The PX Crowd

Jemini is for businesses who have a different mindset. Let’s call them the PX (personal experience) Crowd.

The PX Crowd are early adopters who are, by default, generally innovators in their own right. They want more than just a new layer of UX over a ‘same old - same old’ system. They want to tear down the bricks and rebuild their employee relationships from a fresh, dynamic and agile perspective – and end up with something that everyone in the business loves to use because it’s such an engaging, empowering and personal experience. (Yes, Jemini is that good!).

They know that to attract and retain the new generation of workers they have to do things differently. They want to embrace technology and enable their people to interact with them, and one another seamlessly with the type of tools they are used to using outside of work.

You could argue that this approach has been around for a while now. Notwithstanding, the last 20 years are littered with unsuccessful attempts to make this into a reality. While staff clamour for true self-service capabilities, the willingness (and often capability) of HR departments to hand over control has been less enthusiastic. 

The PX Crowd have been around the block. Tried some other solutions over the years, but overall, they’ve found the traditional approach has failed to win the hearts and minds of their people – so user reluctance is a major problem. They’re looking for a solution that yes, does the things it needs to do like payroll and performance, but more importantly, gives them a platform for true people engagement moving forward.

They want to have better, richer and more meaningful information about their people, and they’re looking for technology that uses machine learning and AI to become part of their business DNA. They’re excited when they find out that the AI within Jemini will make learning recommendations as if it is the HR advisor. It will suggest courses and programmes of learning to advance an employee’s career. That’s usually a ‘wow’ moment.

Unlike those who pay lip service to the concept of people being their most important asset, for the PX crowd, it’s true. They retain their people for years by fostering a culture of genuine care and responsibility. And they’re playing a 5, 10, even 20-year game of investment in their staff, not just looking at short-term needs-based solutions.

They’re also relatively good at projects as they are continually growing and changing – and always looking for better ways to align their businesses with the needs of their people. They’re excited about how Jemini’s unique technology will support their long-term goals.

The PX Crowd genuinely care for the ongoing engagement, training and motivation of their people. They have a cultural identity and a desire to build on what they’ve already got. They have a vision, and a plan.

And they’re not afraid of change. If that sounds like you, touch base.

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