Have you outgrown your payroll system? Here are 5 signs to watch for.

Both Australia and New Zealand have rich histories of innovating and competing on a global scale with not much more than a good idea and a can-do attitude — however, when it comes to payroll, the “she’ll be right” attitude has its limits, even in the lands of number eight wire and bush mechanics-ingenuity. 

And we get it — once you're rooted in a routine of well-worn systems and hand-written Post-it notes, the thought of untangling this web to bring in a new payroll system can seem daunting. We’ll admit, it can be pretty challenging to step away from the familiar, even when it's no longer serving your business effectively. 

If you’re reading this though, you probably have a few niggling doubts as to whether your current payroll system still fits the bill. This quick read explains the biggest warning signs that your payroll system might be due for an upgrade, based on what we’ve seen across hundreds of businesses in Australia and New Zealand. By the end of it, you should have a much better idea of where you are, what you can do, and where to go next. Let’s get started.

Sign 1: Compliance challenges

Navigating payroll compliance is a bit like trying to change the sails in a roaring gale — doable, but you'd really rather not, especially when your old, trusty compass (read: outdated payroll system) is pointing vaguely south-ish in a sea that demands precise navigation. And Australia and New Zealand’s employment laws and tax regulations don’t change just to test your patience — they're telling you to keep up, or face the consequences. 

Your current payroll system might have been reliable once, but if it's struggling to keep up with the latest in the NZ Holidays Act, AU Awards, and all those complex allowances and extra payments, it's a clear sign you might have outgrown it.

Systems that can't automatically adjust to these changes are like boats trying to sail with yesterday's wind — ineffective and risky.

Jemini Payroll is designed from the ground up with compliance in mind. It ensures your payroll is always 100%  in compliance, automatically updating to meet the latest regulations without you having to lift a finger. Whether it's IRD and STP compliance, Award Changes, or adapting to new legislative updates, Jemini has it covered​​. This means less worry about compliance and more focus on what matters most to your business.

To sum it up

If keeping up with payroll compliance feels like a constant battle, it's worth considering a switch. A modern system like Jemini Payroll not only keeps you compliant, but does so effortlessly, allowing you to navigate through the complexities of payroll regulations with ease.

Sign 2: Inefficient processes

Using outdated payroll systems in a modern employment environment is like struggling with an oversized map in your car when you could just use the GPS. When your payroll operations are bogged down by manual data entry, endless spreadsheets, and a lack of integration, it's a clear signal that your current system is dragging your business's efficiency down.


Struggling with manual workload

If you're dedicating excessive time to manual calculations, double-checking entries for accuracy, or wrestling with spreadsheets that seem more like puzzles than tools, these are red flags.

These processes aren’t just time-consuming — they're often riddled with human error, which can lead to bigger issues down the line. 

For instance, manual data entry has an error rate of 3.7%, which, on the face of it, might not seem much. However, this means that for every 1,000 entries, you can expect 37 mistakes. This level of inaccuracy affects everything from wages to tax calculations and employee benefits, highlighting the need for a more reliable system.

The best modern payroll systems, like Jemini, streamline and automate the payroll process, reducing the manual workload significantly. This automation includes everything from tax calculations and deductions to managing leave and allowances, making sure you have both accuracy and efficiency.

To sum up

Excessive manual paper handling and a reliance on outdated methods are strong signs that your payroll system is no longer serving your business effectively. Moving to a modern, automated solution like Jemini Payroll not only addresses these inefficiencies but also positions your business for future growth. With Jemini, you can expect a smoother, more reliable payroll process that lines up with your business's changing requirements, ultimately enhancing your operational efficiency.

Sign 3: Lack of integration

As it stands, your payroll system and HR software might be like two friends from different circles — they get along okay, but they're not really talking to each other. You're the one stuck playing messenger, ferrying information between the two, trying to keep everything in sync. It's a bit like trying to organise a group project where half the team uses email and the other half swears by in-person meetings — it’s frustrating, slow, and no one is happy.

The integrated dream team

An integrated system is the equivalent of finally getting everyone on the same app. This means your payroll and HR systems are so intertwined that everything is on the same page, with no mismatches or miscommunications. Systems like Jemini do just that — merging payroll prowess with HR smarts into one seamless package. No more double-handling data or sweating over mismatched details. 

For you, full integration means employee details, leave balances, pay rates, and more are all in sync, reducing the room for error to almost zilch. And let's not forget the admin time you'll be saving — instead of flipping between systems, you're free to focus on the bigger picture of core goals for payroll and HR.

But it's not just about saving time —  it's about intelligence. Integrated systems provide insights that can help you make smarter decisions, faster. It's like suddenly having an all-in-one super app that helps your systems be unified in the way forward for your business.

To sum it up

In the grand scheme of things, if your payroll and HR systems aren't talking, it's not just an inconvenience — it's a red flag that you're working harder, not smarter. So, if you find yourself juggling between systems, it might be time to consider whether you've outgrown your current setup. Oh, and if you’re not ready to integrate your HR with payroll, not to worry, you can start just with Jemini’s payroll platform, and then upgrade to the full suite of Jemini HR & payroll at any time. Or perhaps you might like to use Jemini HR first, then consider payroll. The option is yours!

Sign 4: poor data visibility

Just as you wouldn’t leave your house doors unlocked, the same care is needed with your payroll system. And you might not think your data is worth anything to anybody, but the truth is that hackers will gladly walk in through your unlocked doors to hold your data to ransom for whatever extortion they think they can get out of you. Cybersecurity isn’t a joke, and if you don’t know exactly how secure your data is, it’s a pretty glaring sign that your system might be stuck in the past. 

Securely fortified, yet accessible

Ideally, you want a system where security and accessibility go hand in hand, like a bank vault with a personalised key card. With Jemini, your data isn’t just protected by the highest security standards, it's also readily accessible to authorised team members, regardless of where they are. This dual focus makes sure that sensitive payroll information is both secure from threats and easily available to those who need it, without jumping through hoops.

Cloud-based confidence

With the shift to cloud-based platforms, modern payroll systems like Jemini offer peace of mind by housing your data in highly secure, encrypted servers. Think of it as moving from a vulnerable, ground-level office to a secure penthouse suite. Plus, the cloud ensures that accessibility is not an all-access pass but a carefully controlled gateway, tailored to the roles and permissions of your team.

To sum it up

If securing your payroll data feels like guarding a fortress with a toy sword, or if getting the data you want needs a treasure map on Post-it notes, it’s time for a change. A modern payroll system like Jemini not only puts a premium on security but ensures that data is accessible, insightful, and working for you, not against you. And remember, moving to a system that treats data with the seriousness it deserves can transform how you do business, making data security woes and accessibility hurdles a thing of the past.

A woman holding her head in front of a laptop

Sign 5: Difficulty adapting to change

If your payroll system reacts to change with the speed and grace of a surprised turtle, it's a clear indicator that you're in need of an upgrade. Whether it's scaling up, downsizing, or adapting to new regulatory requirements, your payroll system should move with you, not anchor you down.

Agile and adaptable

What you need is a system that treats change like its daily bread, easily integrating new processes, regulations, and workforce changes without breaking a sweat. Jemini’s payroll system is built for this — no matter how high the bar is set, it's ready to leap.

Support and training: The dynamic duo

With Jemini, it's not just about having a system able to adapt — it's also about making sure you and your team can keep pace with the change. Comprehensive support and training are part of the package, so you're never left deciphering cryptic error messages or wading through user manuals the size of War and Peace. It's about making the transition as smooth as possible, ensuring your team is up to speed and confident in using the system from day one.

A people-focused approach

In our experience, we’ve found that change isn’t just a technical challenge — it's a human one. Jemini’s focus on people means that the system is designed with the end-user in mind, making navigation intuitive and user-friendly. This people-focused approach makes sure that adapting to change isn’t just about software updates but about supporting your team through the transition, making sure everyone is aligned and ready to embrace the new system.

To sum it up

If your payroll system treats change like an unwelcome guest, it's a sign that you're ready for something more adaptable. It’s not just a case of getting a new system that can keep up with the pace of business — you need a partner that understands the importance of support, training, and a people-focused approach to change.

Where to next with Jemini

Wrapping up our journey through the telltale signs that it's time to break up with your current payroll system, we've uncovered the truth lying beneath those niggly doubts. From compliance conundrums to integration blues, and the ever-important security and adaptability dilemmas, it's clear that sticking with the status quo might just be holding you back.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of what to look for and the understanding that better solutions exist, the next step is clear. Don't let an outdated system hold back the potential of your business. Contact Jemini today for a deeper dive into how our solutions can be tailored to your unique payroll needs to make sure you're always a step ahead.


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