Meet P.H.I.L from Jemini. AI made real(ly useful)

Date: 20 Nov 2019

Author: Chris Radley

When we release v13 of Jemini next month, we’re also introducing P.h.i.l. - Pay. Human Capital. Intelligence. Leap.

He’s our Mr Clippy (but thankfully, considerably less annoying, and much, much smarter).

So, what can you expect from your new team member?

Role overview

P.h.i.l is going to be the trusted advisor, counsellor, helper and performance improver for you and your fellow employees, managers and the overall business.

P.h.i.l is the “person” that will bond the whole Jemini experience. He’s in charge of human wellbeing and business success. He’s going to be the ‘hey Google’ of the HRM world.

Key skills

  • Self-improvement guru: Tell P.h.i.l what you think of Jemini and how its working for you. What’s most useful, and which functions you use the most. And he’s not above a bit of constructive criticism of his own role either. If he’s over-connecting, he can take a hint.
  • Trusted advisor: P.h.i.l is great at pulling together enough data to give you sound, practical advice. So, if in doubt about an action, you can reach out in confidence.
  • (Virtual) Hands-on helpmate and coach: P.h.i.l’s full of great info on how to use Jemini and solving daily challenges. Just ask!
  • Counsellor: P.h.i.l makes sure you have a voice in the business – he speaks up for you. And if you’re having personal or business challenges, you can trust his offer of help.
A robot smiling

Responsibilities overview

P.h.i.l is going to be a busy boy. He’ll be looking out for and suggesting suitable training opportunities. Check out how much leave you have accumulated and book future leave for you. Let you know that of the 10 performance assessments you’re responsible for, you still have 4 to go. Give you the average salary range for a particular position before you start interviewing a job candidate. Tell you who in the team is struggling. Help you find additional or replacement resources when staff fail to turn up or there’s going to be a big project next month. Give you a 360-degree view of what’s happening around you.

If P.h.i.l notices you haven’t had your monthly meeting with your manager, he’ll offer to be the go-between and set up a new meeting. And when you’re working too many hours or having repeat sick days, he’s going to check in on you and make sure you’re doing ok and see if you need some help or time off. And more.


P.h.i.l can be P.h.i.l, P.h.i.lippe, P.h.i.l.lipa, and even Felix the Cat. Or whatever name, orientation or character sits well with your company culture.

And P.h.i.l is multilingual. So if you want Maori, French, Tongan, Filipino, BBC English, Gangsta or pretty much anything else, just ask. We’ll make it happen.


P.h.i.l can be found on your ‘big screen’ but is most comfortable on your phone or tablet. Where you go, he goes.

So, when you’re in your car and hear a radio ad for that grab-it-now cheap trip to Bali, you can book in your holiday leave without taking your hands off the wheel. Or lock in that extra day needed for a long weekend on the ski fields. You can expect him to ask how your trip was when you get back. And how your recovery is going following your knee injury on the slopes.

Supplementary skills

P.h.i.l’s also ready to jump into helping drive utilisation of Jemini across the business. He’s not restricted by department, he’s got his eye on everything, so can make recommendations based on observation and experience (today’s AI is so good like that!).

He’ll ask you for personal feedback and add it to his knowledge base, without sharing it out of context (your privacy is paramount). But if he thinks you need help, he’ll ask or make suggestions.

Personal interests

Philanthropy, philosophy and facilitation.

Yup. As you’ve probably gathered, P.h.i.l’s pretty much a standout chap. If you’d like a personal intro, give me a yell.

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