Complicated payroll software and multiple systems are in the past.

Whether you’re stuck in your ways of using outdated spreadsheets, legacy systems or having to flick back and forth between clunky payroll and a host of HR tools, the panic of data accuracy will always be in the back of your mind – not to mention feeling grumbly about the inflexibility of it all too!

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Always be 100% Statutory Compliant with future legislative changes

With the power of AI and a trusty integration, Jemini Payroll automatically calculates payroll while factoring in the relevant NZ Holidays Act and AU Awards, overtime and even commission. To keep your mind at ease, Jemini Payroll is both IRD and STP compliant and is even automatically responsive to any legislative changes as they happen so you don’t lose any time (or sleep!).

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Fast, comprehensive post-payroll reporting and operational insights

Put your feet up and let Jemini Payroll generate those detailed reports. From full operational insights to single employee leave balances, all reports are just a click away. Plus, combine Jemini Payroll with Power BI to amplify the value you deliver to the business with deep, transformative data insights.

Get up close and personal with Jemini payroll system


  • KiwiSaver compliant

  • IRD Payday Filing compliant

  • NZ Holidays Act compliant

  • Automated online payroll approval

  • Best User Experience payroll software

  • Easy to use

See Jemini Payroll in action
Screenshot of Jemini's leave liability
Leave liability view

Grant employees access to real-time critical information based on employee profiles

Jemini is designed so employees can easily access their critical information, without the need for separate self-service portals or logins based on seniority or role.

Jemini updates leave accrual and approvals in real-time so your employees and managers can get their hands-on reliable information around the clock (and get on with planning that holiday!).

Screenshot of Jemini's payroll pay calculation
Easy payroll pay calculation with Jemini

People-focused interface, without the jargon

Jemini Payroll system is not only designed to be intuitive with a great user-focused design, but it’s also easy to understand and navigate. With intuitive explanations and AI, you’ll face solutions rather than problems.

Plus, with our unique Discovery and Advisory journey, we can tap into how your business works, see firsthand the workflows you use and then help to evolve your business, giving a deep understanding of Jemini payroll system and the easiest way to achieve high-levels of user-adoption.

Screenshot of Jemini's payroll detail view
Payroll detail view

Reduce clicks and risks with one integrated cloud-based HR & payroll system

Why use multiple platforms when you can use just one harmonious, cloud-based system? We’re taking the stress out of payroll by integrating HR and payroll together which means key employee information like leave, deductions and bonuses are all in one place. Built from the ground up with today’s technology in mind, our automated payroll process and calculations factor in leave, sick days and bonuses in real-time. 

If you find you do need a separate system for timesheets and rostering, then we can unlock this data through our smart APIs and Web Services to integrate with Jemini Payroll software. By having these systems seamlessly talk to each other, you can still get your hands on all the automated wins of Jemini Payroll, simplify the payroll process and reduce your clicks and risks.

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Ready to put your people before your processes?


- Move away from your manual processes with an intuitive single touch payroll system.

- Effortlessly onboard keen talent all through our consolidated HR system.

- Empower your employees to upskill and drive their career aspirations.

- Build a meaningful team culture at every step in the employee lifecycle.

- Gain a strategic advantage with real-time people reporting and analytics.

- Sleep easy knowing your data is safe.


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