Improving the recruitment process with Jemini

Date: 16 Nov 2021

Author: Jemini Team

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start working on all those strategic and important HR transformations that you’ve been planning for ages. Except, you’re constantly dealing with a mountain of recruitment admin that just never seems to go away. You’re not alone. On average recruiters lose a whole day every week to admin, and the pressure to get through the volume of applications means that there’s literally only seconds to review each CV.

The good news is that the latest generation of cloud based recruitment software like Jemini enables you to do away with the manual drudgery that has gradually encroached on your role, allowing you to get back to what you do best. It gives you complete end-to-end HR management, managing the whole process from recruitment and onboarding through to performance management, training and development, payroll and off-boarding. It’s time to stop improvising between different discrete systems and make things run like clockwork, managing the entire recruitment lifecycle in one place.

Identify areas where you need to recruit — those all-important talent shortages

With the recent hiring surge, and the number of people who have decided to find new opportunities, HR professionals are feeling the strain of all departments shouting at once for new recruits. When everyone’s putting forward new people briefs and requirements, how do you prioritise where to start and fill talent gaps that actually exist? AI-driven insights, built into Jemini are here to help you with this and guide you to understand who you need to hire and when. By alerting these potential gaps early, you can start the recruitment process at just the right time, avoiding your critical departments being left exposed. Jemini can even help you to advertise your new roles linking directly to the major job and talent advertising sites. How annoying is it to keep having to re-write job descriptions from scratch? With Jemini, create master templates centrally that your HR team can then drag and drop as they need, making things quicker and easier in the recruitment process.

Get on top of that deluge of applications — with automated workflows

Dealing with a rapid influx of applications can be like Santa trying to work his way through a mountain of Christmas gift wishes. It can leave even the best of HR professionals feeling panicked and overwhelmed. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. With Jemini’s in-built applicant tracking system, you can go completely paperless, with an online portal that takes care of job applications and automated application management. Forget sifting through CVs manually - let Jemini do the sifting and shortlisting for you, based on the prerequisites and requirements that you define. After automatic candidate selection, you can review applications and easily compare and score the best candidates side by side — all with easy drag and drop functionality. Now onto the next step; automated interview scheduling. Just select the candidates you want to take to the next stage and Jemini will deploy an email workflow, using fully customised digital templates. Each and every candidate receives a personalised email, inviting them to book an interview slot, via a user-friendly online calendar link. So in conclusion, Jemini helps you make molehills out of mountains when it comes to managing all those applications.

Get back to being a hiring manager — not an admin

As your business scales, hiring can quickly become a disjointed process, with various miscommunications getting in the way. When it comes to hiring, you want the right information to get to the right people, at the right time, in the most effective way — avoiding any hold-ups. Quite simply, you need hiring workflows that actually flow. With Jemini, hiring stages are electronically authorised by the right people at the right time. There’s nowhere for information to hide or get stuck. That way, all the key stakeholders involved know what’s happening and when making for an accelerated and user-friendly experience for all.

Don’t let the best talent fall through the cracks

The job market is moving faster than ever and in a competitive market for talent, the early bird catches the worm. Once you’ve found the ideal candidate — you want to get them signed, sealed and conclude the HR onboard as fast as possible, confirming to them that they’ve definitely made the right choice. That means getting the right offer letters out, free from errors. Jemini does that for you, using your fully branded letter templates and ensuring offer letters match exactly what has been negotiated. Your new starters will love your impeccable and efficient recruitment process.

Next step; the onboarding process, and a need to make this slick, consistent for all and an engaging warm welcome. The self-service portal in Jemini’s HR onboarding software makes it easy for new-starters to login securely, so they can enter their bank and tax details, as well as download documents such as rules and procedures and orientation materials. Wow them, with access to videos, FAQs, blogs and other essentials that start to make people really feel at home.

With Jemini, you have a complete end-to-end HR solution, so it doesn’t stop with recruitment. It builds in complete management of training and development. So get things off to a great start with easy scheduling of onboarding sessions and activities including enrolment in the first set of training modules. Every job title or roll has its own pre-defined workflow, making it easy to scale in even the busiest of HR departments. As a manager, you’ll have complete visibility of progress against the plan, with proactive alerts automatically deployed to keep everything moving as it should. Jemini will flag anything that’s missing — so you know at a glance if there’s a contract not signed, a module not completed or a video that has not been watched.

With the rapid shift to the hybrid workforce, there’s never been a more important time to get your ducks in a row in making recruitment an efficient and repeatable process. It may take some time before you actually meet your new recruits in person, but thanks to an overwhelmingly positive recruitment and onboarding experience, you’ll be on track to develop your most important new talent, turning them into the advocates and raving fans needed to keep attracting more great people to your organisation.

To find out how Jemini can help turn your HR department into a well-oiled recruitment machine.

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