Go big bang or start with a small but brilliant spark?

Date: 05 Dec 2019

Author: Chris Radley

Have you been considering Jemini for your HR and payroll, but feel daunted by the potential size of the project? I’ll tell you upfront that this is an unashamed sales spiel. But with good reason, so hear me out.

What’s stopping you from going big bang with HRM?

You’ve recognised that just paying lip service to the concept of deep employee engagement and loyalty through an amazing employee experience (EX) is no longer enough. And you’re right. In a world competing fiercely to attract and retain talented people resources, it’s now a case of change or lose out.

However, transforming your people management capabilities (so you can introduce your exciting new HR and payroll strategy) is traditionally touted as an all-or-nothing commitment. And a shortage of time, budget and resources, your investment in current line-of-business applications, and your fear of project exhaustion, can all act as roadblocks and dull your appetite for change.  

Throwing out a new payroll solution (or one that hasn’t reached end of life and still ‘does the job’) is impractical, as well as expensive and inconvenient. We get that. And valuable though it is, maybe you don’t have the time or stakeholder commitment to go through the full Jemini DnA exercise?

However, if you’re truly committed to firing up your EX with Jemini, these limitations aren’t insurmountable obstacles to transformation. Just speed bumps.

Bruce Springsteen famously said (or sung) ‘You can't start a fire without a spark’. And sometimes, a spark is all you need.

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Start small, but achieve a lot

We’ve introduced a mini-medium DnA (Discovery and Advisory) methodology and staged rollout strategy. It’s perfect for businesses or organisations who are keen to embrace true innovation in the HRM space, but aren’t ready, willing, or able, to do it in one big bang.

This approach means we can carry out abbreviated DnA exercises around your people, culture, business, aspirations and performance. We deliver an initial programme of work that focuses on one aspect of the lifecycle versus the entire life cycle.

So, for example, the first DnA might tackle your need for employee on-boarding and socialisation.  The next, performance management, well-being, or aspirations. And then move on to remuneration or learning. All while simplifying and automating HR tasks and providing the metrics you need. And we integrate Jemini directly to your current payroll solution so you’re not throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The outcome of this staged approach is immediate engagement and buy-in from staff, and a positive mandate from business stakeholders to keep on going. And then we do another mini-DnA to achieve your next set of objectives, and another, until your list is ticked off.

Mini DnA quick wins

  • Lay the foundation for the future with a strategic, staged, affordable and measured approach.
  • Maximise your investment in an existing payroll solution.
  • Minimise the stress and cost of change.
  • Meet the immediate and most pressing needs and interests of your people and the business.

I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a sales spiel. But not a traditional one trying to tell you to go big bang and disrupt your business for the next 18 months. We’re increasingly engaging with organisations who embrace the concept of transformation, but want to take a more measured, bite-sized approach.

And we are nothing if not flexible.

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