The 2021 Cheat Sheet Series: Training for new employees

Author: Jemini Team

When you invest in new hire training you give everyone a head start. Your new hire starts their job equipped to do their best, and the business enjoys the benefits of their workplace productivity more quickly.

Ready, set, go!

A successful training programme will make sure that your new hires know how their department and your company operate, understand the company’s guidelines and policies including health and safety, can use the technology they will work with, and appreciate the official requirements of their role.

Send these items before your new hire starts:

- A welcome letter or email

- A first day agenda detailing any meetings, or role relevant demonstrations or training

- Access to the company’s how-to Wiki, or digital versions of manuals and instructions on how to set up email, etc

- A digital copy of your employee handbook


Day 1:

Young woman showing a man something on her laptop screen
Company overview training including:

- Company history, values, and mission statement

- Company timeline with key achievements and changes

- A copy of your org chart showing direct managers and reports

- Detailed explanations of department structures and roles

- If in sales - product demos

- Digital or print copies of the content you have covered

- Q&A

Company policies, training and induction, including:

- Administrative induction

- Workplace rules (e.g. business hours, use of facilities, expected behaviour and dress code, lunch and other breaks, security cards etc.)

- Health & Safety Induction Manual

- KiwiSaver and provider options

- Requirements for remote work where relevant

- Annual, parental, and sick leave eligibility

- Performance review process

- Review and sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements

- FAQ document summarising the most popular company policies

- Q&A

Man writing notes on paper
Benefits package training including:

- Life and health insurance plans

- Wellness plans and perks like discounted or complimentary gym memberships

- Stock option plans and detailed documentation

- Explain flexible hours options and requirements and how to place requests to work remotely

- Training and personal development opportunities

- Financial benefits including bonuses, cars, mobile devices, and data plans

Role-specific training including:

- Detail tasks associated with the role

- Job-specific tools

- Helpful FAQ resources

- Show and tell applicable KPI reports

- Business objectives of the role and team

- Roles of other team members

- Setting up regular one-on-ones

- Setting up introductory one-on-ones within the team

- Q&A

colleagues in lab coats
IT setup and training including:

- Access to necessary technology tools, shared workspaces, software, and manuals/wiki

- Network setup and configuration

- Anti-virus and security set up requirements (if not already done by IT support team)

- Detail for the IT helpdesk

- Checking that email etc. has been set up

- A review of data privacy agreements and handling requirements (to be signed)

- System security obligations


- Coffee/meet your buddy


One month after your new hire starts:

Top view of modern staff meeting in a bright setting
Security training including:

- Security training videos and knowledge tests

- Security protocols testing

- Review workstation security measures

- Q&A

Workplace safety training including:

- Schedule a First Aid presentation

- Provide guidelines on correct handling of hazardous material and equipment

- Run a fire drill and describe precautionary actions to avoid fire risks

- Company regulations to protect employees’ well-being (e.g., non-smoking policies)

- Checking on workplace tools including chairs, desks and any potential causes of workplace strain or injury

- Q&A


- HR check in

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