Good things don’t happen by chance.

We built Jemini from the ground up with the user in mind.

But we didn’t just guess what issues our customers might have. Everything we’ve done has been customer validated throughout our journey.

When building technology from the ground up, everything gets challenged and questioned. Our research ensured Jemini keeps the user front of mind.

From 2014-2018 we engaged with businesses across Australia and New Zealand to get their real-life insights. We traveled to their workplaces to watch the way they worked, and we witnessed their everyday frustrations. First hand. In person.

That’s why Jemini is so different.

Based on research, but designed for people.

User research has played a huge role in the design and development of Jemini.

We use it to validate assumptions, to challenge accepted processes, seek out problems and develop a better understanding of how and where our users work in order to design more innovative solutions.

As a result, we have developed a unique UX (user experience) programme that helps us refine our functionality and designs before any customer gets to use them.

To help understand our research and ensure our modern technology solves real world problems, we created a series of personas. These personas ensure our Jemini Team understands our users - their frustrations and expectations - instead of just building software from a standard specification. 

The importance of personas.

While we could have just built Jemini to ‘standard’ software specifications, we didn’t think that was good enough.

Instead, to help understand our research and ensure our modern technology solves real-world problems, we built a series of personas to ensure our Jemini Team understands the user. Their goals, needs, frustrations, their priorities and objectives.