It started with a vision. And the unshakable conviction we could do better.

Jemini got its start inside of business solutions company Fusion5. Our HCM team had collectively spent over 40 years delivering HR & payroll solutions and services to hundreds of customers across Australia and New Zealand. We’d seen the short-comings of the systems that were in the market, felt the pain of our customers as they struggled to get out-dated software to perform the tasks required by a modern business and future-focused work-force. We had a very clear picture of what forward-thinking organisations like yours needed and wanted to change, and why.

Our vision was to design and build an HR & Payroll solution that was integrated, innovative and inspiring. One that leveraged modern technology to work in the same way your people work - and play. And solved the key problems facing more forward-looking organisations.

So we did. Meet Jemini.


Why we put people before processes.

We had two options to consider when we decided to develop a new HR & Payroll system.

The first was to do what everyone else had done, and take an old system and give it a face-lift. It would (without a doubt) look great, but the underlying processes would remain untouched.

The other option was to re-imagine how the perfect HRM system would look, feel and behave if we started from scratch.

If we put people before processes. If we provided an amazing user experience that truly engaged and motivated. We believe, and research backs us up, that the more engaged your people are, the more valuable they are. They make better workmates, better employees and better people.

So, option one, or option two? It wasn’t a tough decision.

Forward-thinking and future-proofed.

Many of the HR & Payroll solutions in today’s market are to this day defined by thinking from the 70s and 80s.

Not Jemini. It’s new thinking.

Jemini embraces the expectations of the next generation of users as well as business demand for improvement and efficiency.


The DnA of a new generation solution.

At the heart of Jemini is a focus on people. Their engagement with others and their relationship with the business.

We’ve designed Jemini to allow a business to manage an entire person’s employment life-cycle in a pragmatic manner.

The singular focus we have taken cannot be achieved by re-factoring older software.

It is the unique DnA of Jemini and has been there since the beginning.