From discovery to conclusion

Through our research we made a number of conclusions and have focused Jemini on solving these key problems.

Paper-based Processing

Users work in predominantly paper-based organisations. Paper-based processes are the norm.

Integrating HR & Payroll

Users are satisfied with the reliability of core payroll, but have grand expectations of an integrated Human Resource system.

Accessing Self Service

Not all employees have access to Self Service and adoption is low, even with employees who have Self Service access.

Losing Employee IP

Key knowledge holders currently pose a significant risk, to the customer, if or when they leave an organisation.

Improving Processes

Organisations are looking to improve processes across their HR & Payroll functionality.


Reporting Tools

There is a high reliance on reporting and users expect much more from current reporting tools.

Dynamic Help

Users desire more dynamic help and training documentation. They want to move away from large manuals and towards bite sizes pieces of help which is delivered as and when they need it.

Increasing Retention Rates

CEOs are concerned about the retention rate of their key HR & Payroll personnel. The knowledge and IP that is lost when HR & Payroll personnel leave can be devastating.

Remotely Working Staff

The needs of mobile managers, roaming employees and those who work remotely is not being met.

Query Management

Incoming query management is currently inefficient for many.