Jemini has a range of core functionality that provides more enjoyment & engagement for the users. This is an expectation that has stemmed from social interactions and social media which everyone has come to enjoy.

Be social, after all your work life is social, why shouldn't your software be? Jemini is inherently social, from its workflows, to notifications and employee profiles. Jemini is designed so you always know who you're interacting and collaborating with.


Jemini makes it easier to connect with each other. Jemini includes the ability to instantly connect to support and provide feedback or other ideas. Jemini also keeps track of the customer’s configuration history. This allows certain users to look up configuration history and understand why or how things were configured in a certain way.


The Jemini Support Exchange Platform provides the ability for customers to search for information, ask and answer questions and share ideas.

The platform also allows users to earn points for providing useful answers to community questions. A content rating system allows users to vote for the responses they think are the most useful or important.


Built with mobility at its core; Jemini allows access to information 24 / 7 and keeps people productive while on the move. Jemini will challenge your expectations about the types of functions your employees can perform on their mobile devices.

Jemini has totally changed the reporting, analytics and information experience; altering the working environment to focus on providing data and trends on screen while the user is working. Jemini then takes the user through a process, or to a form, to provide further data if required.

The key benefit is the unique product design, which changes the way a user works with the software. Side panels and unique views provide data analysis and trends, as the user is navigating around the software.


Help – only when you need it!

Jemini delivers bite sized pieces of help, but only when you need it. Jemini guides users through unfamiliar or complex processes improving their efficiency and product understanding.


As Jemini is cloud based, updates are provided automatically to each customer and user. Jemini adopts streamlined upgrade and enhancement processes, this ensures you stay on top of the latest releases. These rolling upgrades mean you receive new functionality as soon as we release it.