Attract, Recruit & Attain

Simplify and streamline your recruitment process with Jemini’s built-in vacancy identification and requirement management, social sourcing connectors, automated application management, candidate selection and interview scheduling.

Recruitment becomes a faster, smoother and more cost-effective and repeatable process designed to cast a wider talent net. You’ll get the right people applying for the right roles, with less HR effort.

And because nothing in this world stands still, you can use the trend data gathered by Jemini to evolve and refine your recruitment process.

  • Remove administrative pain with digitised processes

  • Reduce time and money leakage with automated application management

  • Increase efficiency with the removal of manual scheduling processes

  • Extend recruitment reach through targeted social channels

  • Utilise accurate reporting to analyse and refine recruitment strategies and tactics

  • Learn from trend data to evolve the system to keep pace with market behaviour


On-board, Socialise, Orientate & Induct

Ensure your new employees get the warmest possible welcome with an engaging digital and in-person on-boarding experience managed from a single place.

Centralise everything. From mission, vision and value statement induction, to automated IT profile and hardware set-ups, auto-scheduling mentoring, and 30/60/90-day check-ups linked directly to their personnel file.

Socialise and support new employees with a well-timed cadence of automated (but always personalised) messages and digital programmes.

  • Bond employees faster with UX based digital induction

  • Optimise messaging cadence for understanding and information retention

  • Digitise IT and profile set-up for reduced security risk

  • Socialise new employees through a combination of in-person and digital programmes


Measure, Evaluate & Align

Provide more than just a wonderfully engaging employee experience. It aligns your business KPIs with your organisational strategy – beautifully.

Choose from an online library of performance plans, ready-customised to your needs. Configure built-in workflows to streamline and reflect your performance management process and measure the progress of predetermined performance goals with live data.

Drive employee investment in their own and team performance through self-service access. And use the extensive toolset to measure, report and review progress. Leverage automated email communications, reminders and alerts so every milestone is met.

  • Reduce overheads and replace manual tasks with workflows

  • Increase efficiency with automated processes and real-time data and reports

  • Standardise performance management processes, company-wide

  • Appraise individual, team and divisional performance and view progress online

  • Consistently engage employees through self-service so they have ownership and input

  • Eliminate paper-based appraisals from your business


Develop & Improve

Equip your employees to excel. Proactively manage career progression and succession planning to increase staff loyalty and retention. Digitally tag objectives, desired behaviours, duties and responsibilities to employee performance plans. Connect learning and training opportunities to your development goals. See specific or overall skill and experience sets at a glance to improve workforce planning.

Identify, select or create learning opportunities and invite or enrol staff. Capture course evaluations and manage waiting lists and expectations. Control budgets and measure the value of your training investment against tracked employee attendance, uptake and online feedback.

Drive and reward knowledge and skill sharing between workmates and teams through an online content sharing and rating system.

  • Minimise attrition and boost loyalty by actively nurturing employees’ career progress

  • Analyse and address competency gaps with real-time views of current skills and certifications

  • Track employee satisfaction, progress, and feedback at a glance, anywhere, any time

  • Easily customise online feedback forms to measure the success of your development programme

  • Run, book and manage enrolment and attendance at professional learning opportunities


Engage & Motivate

Remove engagement barriers with a highly familiar social interaction and social media experience. Think Facebook. Think LinkedIn.

By seamlessly aligning your employees’ at-work digital experience with their personal digital interaction expectations, it’s easier to involve and motivate them. And given the social nature of the platform, it’s easy to reinforce and support your company strategy, vision and culture by building online communities, newsgroups and interest groups.    

Survey and feedback tools are linked to AI learning, so employee interactions with Jemini are constantly refined to elicit high-value input.

  • Drive engagement and interaction through a familiar social media experience

  • Bring your company culture to life by fostering a vibrant, aligned online community

  • Leverage artificial intelligence to make employee feedback and responses more accurate and meaningful


Recognise, Reward & Retain

Take a fresh approach to ensuring compliance for your payroll. Jemini has been built from the ground up with a user-centric design - so payroll has never been easier. 

Payroll, time and attendance, compliance and reporting, employee self-service, bonus and incentive programmes, and individual compensation plans. Jemini does everything you’d expect, perfectly.

Make better decisions during the salary review process with HR objective indicators at your fingertips. Integrate compensation policies into your salary review process to reflect organisational challenges.

And for those organisations who support it, Jemini offers a self-pay option which empowers employees to manage their own finances to suit their needs, while ensuring the organisation retains ample cashflows.

  • Never miss a deadline with Single Touch Payroll, Automated IRD Payday Filing, KiwiSaver (NZ) and SuperStream (AU)

  • Fully comply with the complexities of the NZ Holidays Act

  • Automated, transparent online payroll approval with unique notification feature

  • Accurate and seamless on-boarding and off-boarding employee payments

  • Discover employee costs, from single staff members to teams and divisions

  • Enrich the functionality of your NetSuite and Talent Payrolls with Jemini Payroll (J-Pay)


Separation & Off-boarding

Effortlessly coordinate employee separation tasks such as exit interviews, IT & Security Off-boarding with online tools, checklists and workflows. 

Streamline essential department, business and HR, Payroll and IT notification communications. Generate letters or resignation or termination, and non-disclosure agreements where appropriate. Finalise pay checks and annual tax documents, collect and record online the recovery of business issued devices and property. Close out business expenses and process fees or reimbursements in real-time.

Tick the boxes for efficient knowledge transfer to superiors, subordinates and peers. Ensure files and documents are in shared drives and outline final work requirements and due dates. Close off access to business IT systems and access to premises. Gauge company performance by sharing anonymised exit interview feedback and generate reporting to consolidate and measure commonly repeated issues or commendations. 

And lastly, schedule an official farewell where appropriate to your business culture. All from one place.

  • Protect business IP and recover company assets with a comprehensive checklist of separation activities

  • Drive cultural improvements by measuring and reporting on employee sentiment

  • Make off-boarding a positive experience with fully finalised payments, fees and reimbursements

  • Meet legal compliance by generating official documents


Connect, Empower & Stimulate

Build active online communities within your workplace! Jemini uses AI to help support the health and well-being of business cultures through monitoring and reporting on employee sentiment to identify potential issues or opportunities.

Run polls, surveys and create and socialise team and company-wide events. Gather real-time responses to make fast decisions.

Employees can form social and build groups by logging their own special interests and discovering who in the business has similar hobbies, sports or passions. Form running groups, host discussion or speaking groups, and organise regular or one-off events to promote shared lunches, compete in pub quizzes, go rock climbing or learn yoga.

And in familiar Facebook style, contributions to discussions can be commented on or simply marked with an emoji to indicate support or disagreement. 

  • Strengthen personal relationships across the business through special interest groups

  • Develop a more cooperative and supportive culture where people know one another better and can easily identify likeminded workmates

  • Organise, coordinate and run social events company-wide, by interest group or team

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of workplace with AI sentiment monitoring, and real-time anonymised polls and surveys

  • Give your people a voice with the opportunity to interact online with proposed ideas, put forward alternatives or refinements, and indicate their level of support with familiar social platform emojis