Brian Henwood

Brian Henwood.png


Brian is an experienced development manager.  He has exceptional skills in business process, scrums, object orientated design, Jade and SAML. 

Brian is a strong engineering professional and manager, successfully managing the development of the Jemini solution.


David Menz


Jemini Development Team LEadER

David is the lead of the developers in the Jemini team.  He has extensive experience with other HCM solutions, specifically in web applications. David provides expert knowledge of the whole development lifecycle.

David's role is to manage the technical architecture of Jemini.  He also supports the members of the Jemini Development team and ensure they are focused and able to provide the required functionality within the timeframes agreed.


Justin Frost, Jahan Pitcorn & Tim Parkinson

Jemini Frontend Developers (FED)

justin frost

Justin is the Development Technical Lead of the Frontend Developers in the Jemini team.  With over 20 years experience in software development, he brings a passion for the web interface and an eye for detail.

As a senior developer Justin is dedicated to efficiency and excellence, and this comes through in the work he produces.  Justin loves a challenge, is a natural problem solver and all round nice guy.

Jahan is a Frontend Developer in the Jemini team.  He enjoys the challenge of making design and UX come to life, for Jemini users.  Jahan is investigating accessibility within Jemini, and enjoys expanding his knowledge and learning new things.  

Away from work, Jahan loves the outdoors in the South Island and is an avid golfer with an 8hc. He is also a brilliant photographer for both weddings, landscapes and the stars.

jahan pitcorn

Tim is a Frontend Developer in the Jemini team.  He has a decade of experience in web development with a background in frontend and backend web development in Java, PHP and ColdFusion.

Tim has worked with some of the latest frontend web technologies to build fresh, responsive and exciting web applications. He enjoys the challenge of employing his skills and knowledge to solve problems.


Sue Kell, Tyi Wilde & Eric Lin

Jemini Backend Developers

sue kell

Sue is a Senior Developer in the Jemini team.  She has extensive experience in software design and development.

Sue leads the agile scrums for the Jemini team, and coordinates and manages the sprint process. She brings a background in database design, web technologies, programming, and analysing customer requirements from various roles.

tyi wilde

Tyi is a Developer in the Jemini team.  He has a wide range of software development experience including web applications, system integration, desktop applications, mobile applications and web services.

Tyi is passionate about software architecture and design principals, and he shares his knowledge with the Jemini team. He focuses on the research and development of solutions, advising on development practices and developing security infrastructure.


Eric is a Developer in the Jemini team. He has hands-on experience in both frontend and backend development. He enjoys the challenge of problem solving as well as sharing ideas with the team.

Eric is always ready to learn new technologies and passionate about putting ideas in action with clear vision of how it will benefit end users as well as business.

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