Gui Maia

Head of Design

Gui's main interest is to design experiences that are relevant and useful to people. He's got a special appreciation of product design.

Gui embraces the traditional ways of user centric design, research and testing.  He also deeply values challenging the natural order of things. 

Gui enjoys developing creative strategies and designing digital experiences.


Lara Managh-Williams, Wade Grover & Casey Glover

Business Requirements & Design Analysis

Lara is the HR Business Analyst in the Jemini team. She has extensive experience as a technical writer, web designer, content and communication manager, business analyst and project manager as well as account management for specialist recruitment firms.

Lara enjoys creating websites and deliverables as well as scoping the requirements for the design and development of Jemini. She enjoys thinking outside the box and using her creative flare.

Lara Managh-Williams.png

Wade is a Business Analyst in the Jemini team.  He has experience spanning over nine years in the IT industry performing a broad spectrum of roles. 

Wade posses a well rounded set of skills from programming to project management, enabling his contribution to output high quality products, with a grounded theoretical and practical knowledge and skill set.

Casey is a Business Analyst in the Jemini team. He brings technical experience as a software developer and an eye for design. 

Casey is energetic and enthusiastic about creating innovative solutions. With his strong set of skills, he loves to solve problems with an agile approach.


Zubin Italia & Julie Evans

Quality Assurance & Test Analysis

zubin italia

Zubin is a Senior Test Analyst and Lead Tester in the Jemini team. He ensures the quality of the functionality of Jemini. He brings a wealth of experience writing test scripts for agile, manual and waterfall testing.  He is configuring automated testing for the Jemini solution.

Zubin has extensive experience in user acceptance testing (UAT) management and planning, test cases and scenarios, and providing training and process mapping.

julie evans

Julie is a Test Analyst in the Jemini team.  Julie raises issues found in the testing process and thoroughly retests them when they are fixed.

Julie's extensive knowledge of payroll and leave is an asset to the Jemini team. She has experience as a consultant for other HCM solutions - as a tester and writer and she ensures the quality of the functional changes, bug-fixes and client-specific changes.


Miral Patel

User Experience (UX) Analyst

Miral (Mira) is the UX Analyst in the Jemini Team. She writes the scripts for Jemini's automated testing software and carries out manual testing.

Mira has experience in developing and designing software solutions and websites. She is very passionate about innovation and creating new ideas and concepts.

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